OCD Coaching Videos

OCD Coaching Videos

These OCD Coaching videos will help you remember that you have the power to recover from OCD. Each video will literally show you or tell you how to challenge OCD which will weaken it. We are here to help you get your life back on track. And, you can do it! Check out the videos in this section that will help you challenge OCD and find peace!

How to Turn Off a Stove

  OCD Educator, James Callner shows you a 3 Step approach for turning off a stove. One would think this is a simple task. But, if you have OCD and the symptom of "checking" - it can be a nightmare. This OCD Coaching Video gives you an approach to practice.  ...

Walks with Jim – A Minute of Peace

There has been much research on the brain's ability to calm itself from stress and anxiety by relaxing into beauty. In this new series called "Walks with Jim", take a minute to reset your brain from overwhelm to calm. Sometimes, all we need is to remember what peace...


OCD Coaching Videos are not designed to replace professional OCD Therapy. They are intended to help in the education and coaching for those suffering with OCD. James Callner is an OCD Educator and Coach, teaching from over 35 years of his own recovery experience. The Coaching Videos, Blog Posts and other information on this website are not a replacement for a professional therapist. Mr. Callner contributes his videos to the OCD Treatment Centre in Taunton England. OCD Treatment Centre therapists approve all OCD Coaching Videos. .