OCD Coaching Videos

OCD Coaching Videos

These OCD Coaching videos will help you remember that you have the power to recover from OCD. Each video will literally show you or tell you how to challenge OCD which will weaken it. We are here to help you get your life back on track. And, you can do it! Check out the videos in this section that will help you challenge OCD and find peace!

How to Stop Hand Washing with ERPT

My wife, who has been a great ERP Coach for me, along with my therapist, encouraged me to make this one to help others and help myself too. Man, I tell ya' ~ this one is hard for me to edit and watch myself. I mean, who wants to watch their own disorder?. So, be...


James Callner, OCD Educator, introduces you to an easy way to get into Mindfulness anytime you are anxious. https://youtu.be/i4MvlIT_Jq4

Anxiety First Aid

Part One. James Callner offers practical simple tools to bring down your anxiety. Tools he has learned over 32 years of challenging OCD and anxiety. https://youtu.be/9Vs8zhfe-2g

Monkey Mind & OCD

โ€œAncient Eastern religions and cultures have an intriguing metaphor for the typical human mind, describing human consciousness as โ€œmonkey mind.โ€ According to Hindu and Zen Buddhist traditions, the untrained mind is a like a cluttered room filled with wild, unruly,...


OCD Coaching Videos are not designed to replace professional OCD Therapy. They are intended to help in the education and coaching for those suffering with OCD. James Callner is an OCD Educator and Coach, teaching from over 35 years of his own recovery experience. The Coaching Videos, Blog Posts and other information on this website are not a replacement for a professional therapist. Mr. Callner contributes his videos to the OCD Treatment Centre in Taunton England. OCD Treatment Centre therapists approve all OCD Coaching Videos. .