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Welcome to our website! We are about Inspiration and Hope. Our mission is more than educating you and the public, it is to help you help yourself by literally showing you how to reclaim the power to manage and heal from the devastation of OCD.



(This site was formerly the Awareness Foundation for OCD (afocd.org) – and is now all about helping you to get better with videos, my book, blogs, resources, and more.)

OCD Coaching Videos are not designed to replace professional OCD Therapy. They are intended to help in the education and coaching for those suffering with OCD. James Callner is an OCD Educator and Coach, teaching from over 35 years of his own recovery experience. The Coaching Videos, Blog Posts and other information on this website are not a replacement for a professional therapist. Mr. Callner contributes his videos to the OCD Treatment Centre in Taunton England. OCD Treatment Centre therapists approve all OCD Coaching Videos.

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OCD Coaching Videos & Words of Wisdom OCD Coaching Videos & Words of Wisdom shared Kimberley Quinlan, CBT School's photo.
OCD Coaching Videos & Words of Wisdom

This came up so much today in my office.

“I shouldn’t feel this way!”
“I’m weak for being so scared”
“I’m an idiot for freaking out”
“Why can’t I be normal”

Well, number one, that’s just mean. 😡 But secondly, since when are we not allowed to have big emotions? ❤️❤️❤️Why is it that we are so hard on ourselves for human emotions that everyone feels?🤕😋😊💋😢Yeah, I get it. You just thought, “But Kimberley, mine are TOO MUCH”. That’s a judgment too.

We must first start with non judgment. We must first start the healing process by laying off the insults and giving ourselves permission to just ride our emotions.

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Great share and it’s true👍 The constant feeling of being judged by a jury of OCD thoughts is draining and counterproductive.

OCD Coaching Videos & Words of Wisdom OCD Coaching Videos & Words of Wisdom shared James Callner's post.
OCD Coaching Videos & Words of Wisdom

From my upcoming book: Positive Posts for OCD

Choose to time-out of the OCD conversation

Sometimes you just have to time-out of the OCD conversation and move on. Know what I mean? E.g.You're standing in front of a locked door starring at the lock. It looks locked but your brain is screaming at you that it's not locked. Then, the dysfunctional OCD conversation begins in your brain. " It's locked, but what if it's not locked enough? No, it's locked; I can see it's locked. But, what if someone can get in? No, it's a locked door!" etc. etc. etc., This can go on for hours in some cases. And, you pick the compulsion or obsession, it's basically the same conversation. So for me, I have to time-out of the conversation in my head and move on. Yes, it takes courage and can be uncomfortable and riddled with anxiety at any level. But, when I take the lead and put my mental foot down and time-out or not participate in the conversation, refocus out of the conversation, distract out of the conversation, or just plain refuse to be involved in the conversation and move on, I know I'm getting better. We can all do it - we can all time-out of the OCD conversation just for a moment to realign with what’s real and factual.
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6 days ago

OCD Coaching Videos & Words of Wisdom OCD Coaching Videos & Words of Wisdom shared James Callner's post.
OCD Coaching Videos & Words of Wisdom

Living with Uncertainty and Doing the Opposite of what OCD Demands

Our recovery job. I do look at it as a part time job, you know? It used to be a full time job but when you challenge OCD by doing the opposite of what it insists - the job gets easier. So, here's the deal; OCD demands doubt, right? It demands certainly and safety. Life however offers choice but uncertainty and risk taking. As my ancestors would say;”Oy VA.” What to do? I choose life, with all it's uncertainty and all its choices and risks. There are some things most of us can be certain about though. Let's see: you can be certain the sun will rise, even if I can’t see it through the storm, you can be certain you love your children, you can be certain you love your friends and special relationships in your life ( E.g. I'm certain I love my wife and vice versa. I’m certain enough to enjoy life). And I believe, we can be certain that -we are stronger than we think. The challenge is to live with uncertainly, being uncomfortable with it, going through it and realizing it will all work out no matter what. That's how life works, according to this author. OCD doesn't like certainty, it thrives on doubt - but screw doubt, it’s such a waste of energy. Practice doing the opposite of what OCD demands one step at a time. It takes the power out of OCD every time. That, I know for certain. JC <3
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6 days ago

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