Hi I’m Richard , a fellow OCD sufferer who has experienced OCD symptoms for most of my life . Over the past few years I have applied different strategies along with ERP/CBT which have greatly helped me in my battle with OCD . Thankfully I have my OCD pretty well managed at the moment . Now I would like to share my ideas through the social media in my daily posts to help others who suffer from this terrible disorder.

To truly Defeat OCD we have to surrender in a certain way . This does NOT mean surrendering to OCD or giving up but instead it means surrendering to it’s threats and LIES and surrendering to performing our compulsions ! We use rituals and compulsions as our weapons to fight OCD , ( think about that for a moment ) . We perform our compulsions to neutralize the obsessions . We have to lay down these weapons and raise the white flag of peace ! Once we come to the true realization and accept that we cannot control what life may bring our way and BELIEVE in the FACT that what will happen in our life is NOT going to be determined by whether or not we perform a certain compulsion or ritual , it is then when we are honestly on our road to long lasting RECOVERY and FREEDOM from OCD . Surrender to performing the useless compulsions and rituals , and NEVER ever SURRENDER to to the BEAST . Our CREATOR is the only one who determines what will happen to us , always ! Faith , Courage and Trust .